About the project

We are Camilla and Lars taking some time off to challenge our mental boundaries and recharge for the next chapter in life while adventuring south and creating videos. We’re Surrounded By Ocean – and some other things too.

The sailing vessel we’re currently living on is a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 from 2016. It’s a 3 cabin model with roller furling sails. We make our own fresh water with a Schenker Zen 30 watermaker and we produce electricity with solar power.

This is the floor plan.

And here Lars is holding it in one of the locks in the Kiel Canal in Germany while Camilla is in charge of the engine and all the electronics!

We spend time on exploring the places we visit. We try to learn the languages (Lars surprisingly remembers some German from ground school from at least a hundred years ago). Camilla is adding some Microsoft Certificates to her resumé and we try to document some of the time spent by creating videos.

Our videos are amateur like and they’re meant to be. We make them for our friends and family. All the recordings are shot entirely with a smartphone. We use Final Cut Pro as video editing software and the music is picked from Epidemic Sound.

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel! If you like the videos then also please visit the channel and smash those like buttons ?

See you out there!

Camilla & Lars

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